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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eucalan Now has Videos!

Click here to see them.  As you know, we feature Eucalan's fantastic washes in our textile care and storage kits, including the Wedding Gown and Baby Garment Kits and our Sweater Care Kit.  The 4 no-rinse washes are eco-friendly, wonderfully effective and actually act as a conditioning treatment for the fibers of your items!  From everyday items to fine lingerie and heirloom linens, there simply is no better fabric wash.  As an added benefit the all-natural fragrances are wonderful.  Eucalyptus has well-known insect-repelling properties (a plus when storing), as does Lavender. Lavender also has calming and relaxing aromatherapy properties, making it especially nice for lingerie and for bath and bed linens. Grapefruit is wonderfully fresh and has antiseptic properties, making it especially nice for baby clothing and table linens. For sensitive individuals, the Natural has all of the fabric-friendly benefits with no added fragrance.  Enjoy!