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Monday, October 27, 2014

NEW, New Address! Free Sachet or Tissue for Dropping By! Whoppee...!  ; )*

We have a NEW new address! The shop is now located at:
204 Union Street
P.O. Box 447 (US MAIL)
Occoquan VA 22125

TEXT ONLY 5 seven 1.five 7 two.two two 0 7

In addition to the supplies and kits available online, we also have an ever changing selection of antiques, painted furniture, vintage finds and collectibles. Areas of special interest include vintage Pyrex® and mid.century crystal, barware and teak. We also have an interesting selection of art, wall art, shelves and mirrors and our in-house bookseller (and finder) stewards a Little Free Library. 

We think you will be surprised by our very reasonable pricing (dealers buy from us!) and enjoy the friendly feel and great customer service, so stop by for a browse; mention having read this blog post for a free sachet or some acid free tissue paper. 

If you are looking for something special for your home or for that special someone(s), TPS has a 'Seeking' Book, a Bridal Registry, a Baby Registry, a 'Hint' Service and Gift Certificates in any amount. All credit and debit cards are welcome and returns and exchanges are never a problem. Consults for preservation and storage concerns and simple restoration are always free of charge.

Will Try to do Better! LL&P, ADD Debra

In my defense, after 17 years, I rarely get questions about care, preservation, storage and/or restoration not already covered (or at least to some extent or analogous in some way...). Now that the progeny are onboard at the shop, I'll delegate something to someone and troll the e.mail histories to see if I can find some post.worthy Q and A. Read on!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From Elaine H. on OVER regenerating desiccant and some kind words

First the kind words:

"I love dealing with your store.  I always get superb service and friendly hints to make the products I buy perform at their best.  Another store wouldn't include a card that explains how to restore desiccant.  They would prefer to sell more."

RE:  Elaine accidentally over-cooked her desiccant, which is something I did not know to be possible.  It's probably happened to others and they just re-ordered without letting me know. Elaine took the time to describe what happened for me so that we can perhaps help you avoid ruining your desiccant.  Here's her description:

"It's more brownish (burnt) than bright yellow.  I put the faded (pink) desiccant into little Pyrex  baking dishes which I placed in the oven at 275 for 3 hours.  I turned the oven off but didn't take the dishes out of it right away.  Between the time they were restored to the perfect blue and clear colors and the time I took them out, the blue disappeared and the brown took over."

Thank you Elaine! I have sent her replacement desiccant at cost ; )*

The instructions again are:

When indicator beads are fully light pink, either microwave in multiple short periods until blue or place in a slow oven (at or below 275ยบ) for up to 3 hours or until beads are blue again.  Use Pyrex or similar heat-proof glass.  Allow beads to cool before handling and then use or store as needed.  When storing desiccant for future use keep it in a glass jar just large enough and at moderate steady temperature.