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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From Elaine H. on OVER regenerating desiccant and some kind words

First the kind words:

"I love dealing with your store.  I always get superb service and friendly hints to make the products I buy perform at their best.  Another store wouldn't include a card that explains how to restore desiccant.  They would prefer to sell more."

RE:  Elaine accidentally over-cooked her desiccant, which is something I did not know to be possible.  It's probably happened to others and they just re-ordered without letting me know. Elaine took the time to describe what happened for me so that we can perhaps help you avoid ruining your desiccant.  Here's her description:

"It's more brownish (burnt) than bright yellow.  I put the faded (pink) desiccant into little Pyrex  baking dishes which I placed in the oven at 275 for 3 hours.  I turned the oven off but didn't take the dishes out of it right away.  Between the time they were restored to the perfect blue and clear colors and the time I took them out, the blue disappeared and the brown took over."

Thank you Elaine! I have sent her replacement desiccant at cost ; )*

The instructions again are:

When indicator beads are fully light pink, either microwave in multiple short periods until blue or place in a slow oven (at or below 275º) for up to 3 hours or until beads are blue again.  Use Pyrex or similar heat-proof glass.  Allow beads to cool before handling and then use or store as needed.  When storing desiccant for future use keep it in a glass jar just large enough and at moderate steady temperature.